Corporate / Bulk Orders Explore now Mamybear has widely enhanced the supply chain to fit in
the needs of the corporates. we take pride in offering quality
corporate tees to meet your requirements.

We Offer

High Quality

We use the highest quality of raw material to meet the Corporate’s standard. Our strict quality checks ensure that you will be satisfied with the end product.

Competitive Pricing

Our Competitive pricing for the quality and the service we offer is one of the prime reason why everyone choose us. We will plan and work within your budget, while making no compromise on the products!

Faster Delivery

Get your orders ready within 5-7 days. Our super-friendly sales agent are always here to guide and help you make the process hassle-free!

Our Range Of Services


Embroidery is the most popular printing method for corporate apparels, especially on Polo T-shirts, due to its durability and outlook that adds a classy touch of professionalism. The perfect use of threads add a perfect texture to bring your logo to life!

Silk Screen Printing

Silk Screen Printing is the most popular printing method due to its durability & cost efficiency. It gives competitive quality and price when ordered in bulk.

Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer is a printing method that allows to print a wide range of designs. Even though it is not as long-lasting as Silk-screen printing, its ability to print millions of colour combinations without affecting the price, makes it the right pick for relatively lower order quantity.


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